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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Kent Police Service Fraud Files - DISCLOSURES - Crime Commissioner Ann Barnes Corruption Bribery Forensics Files - EXPLOSIVE - Break-Ins Burglaries Seizures Charge Sheets Files - Carroll Maryland Trust - Biggest Police Corruption Case

The Kent Police Service Chief Constable is understood to continue to conceal the explosive compelling prosecution files pursuant to the Carroll Foundation Maryland Trust Case. Latest American and British media reports have stated that the entire contents of the Carroll Trust's multi-million dollar Eaton Square Belgravia penthouse and Westminster residences were completely "stolen" including the theft of priceless US Anglo-Irish Russian national treasures and rare illuminated manuscripts dating from the thirteenth century. It is understood that the world renowned Carroll Institute Oxford University academic research establishment under the umbrella of the Carroll Foundation has also been the target of the Anthony Clarke London Business Angels crime syndicate which continues to operate in the offshore tax havens of the Bahamas and Gibraltar with impunity.

It has also emerged that the Kent Police dossiers contain a comprehensive forensic treatment of the Belgravia and Westminster criminal seizure offences which are understood to be "closely linked" to the high value crime scene locations at Red Self Storage Dartford Kent Alban Shipping Luton Bedfordshire and the Culver Centre Colchester Essex.

Westminster well seasoned political commentators have leaked that private investigators who are thought to be working on behalf of a US Government sponsored organisation have disclosed that the Kent Police files contain compelling evidential material reflecting a startling litany of criminal obstruction offences which impulsed these shocking break-ins burglaries and multiple criminal seizure offences. It has also been revealed that whilst these serious organised crime offences have continued a staggering further seventy five million dollars of the Carroll Tust's interests have been continually exposed to what is now regarded as one of the most dangerous white collar syndicates ever confronted by the authorities.

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